About Me

I was born in Machang, kelantan.
A daughter of very hardworking and responsible parents.
Came from a wonderful family with 11 siblings
Have gone through a tough life..however it is still beautiful for me
Married to a lovely husband and now been gifted with 3 super heroes, making my life more colourful...Syukur ke hadhirat Ilahi..

Study in primary school at Sek. Keb Machang, Kelantan
Continued my study in secondary school at Sek. Men Sains Machang (SMACH) Kelantan.
Further my study in Medicine at USM
Housemanship in Hosp Kangar Perlis and work there for 2 years
Delivered my service as a Medical and Health Officer in Klinik Kesihatan Jeli for 2 years
Join Master in Anatomic Pathology and trainee lecturer in USM
Now is a Lecturer and Histopathologist in Pathology Department. School of Medical Sciences, USM.

I like to share my knowledge and experience
I like to write something to express my feelings
I like to voice out my opinion on anything..

That's why i'm here...

Salam Ukhuwwah


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Sudi-sudilah tinggalkan kenangan di sini. Moga Ukhuwwah berpanjangan..TQ